Deferred with Fewer Than Two Years of LAPP Membership

If you leave the Plan:

  • before age 65,
  • prior to January 1, 2022, and
  • you have fewer than two years of membership or pensionable service (including purchased prior service),

you will become what is called a deferred member. If the above applies to you, you will not be vested and therefore not eligible to collect a pension at retirement.

If you leave the Plan, LAPP will send you a Termination Statement with your options. You will have 90 days to make a decision and let LAPP know. If you do not, your contributions with interest will be paid to you with income taxes withheld.

You Can Leave Your Pension Contributions with Interest with LAPP

Leaving your pension contributions with interest with LAPP will allow you to add pensionable service to your existing service if you later rejoin LAPP. 

If there is a chance you will be returning to a position with any LAPP employer or become a member of another plan that has a transfer agreement with LAPP, you may want to leave your money in the Plan.

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As soon as you become an active member again, you will be automatically vested and eligible to receive a pension for the rest of your life when you turn 55.

You Can Transfer Your Pension Benefit to Another Pension Plan

LAPP has transfer agreements with several other provincial and federal public sector pension plans.

If you start working for a new employer who participates in one of those plans, you may be able to transfer your LAPP service to that new plan.

You Can Transfer Your Contributions with Interest to a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP), with No Taxes Withheld

Your contributions, with interest, can be transferred to an RRSP. No income tax will be withheld from this transfer, and no T4A will be issued.

You Can Receive a Refund of Your Contributions with Interest

Your contributions, with interest, will be paid to you by cheque or direct deposit, and income tax will be withheld. After this payment, you will no longer have a benefit with LAPP. A cheque will be sent automatically if you do not respond to your Termination Statement within 90 days.

How much income tax is withheld from my payout?
If you live in Canada, the amount withheld is based on this table:

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Lump Sum Amount

Federal Income Tax Rate

Up to $5,000 10%
More than $5,000 up to $15,000 20%
More than $15,000 30%

A T4A will be mailed to you the following February to show how much additional income you have received and how much tax you have paid. The amount of tax withheld will be based only on the value of this payment. When added to your employment income for the year, you may be required to pay additional tax when you file your income tax return the following year. Read more about Income Taxes

If you are living outside of Canada when you receive funds from the Plan, the amount withheld will depend on that country's income tax rates.