Investment Results

LAPP’s financial position continues to be healthy, and our progress is detailed each year in our audited financial statements, which are published as part of our Annual Report each July. Assigned by the Auditor General of Alberta, the most recent accounts available are for the year ended December 31, 2019. Financial statements for December 31, 2019 year-end are published and available for public review.

As an administrator of the Plan, LAPP Corporation establishes high-level investment principles for the Plan through the Statement of Investment Policies and Procedures (SIPP), and investment management of LAPP’s portfolio of assets is undertaken by Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo). By legislation, AIMCo is designated by the Government of Alberta to be the sole provider of LAPP investment management services.

Given the unprecedented monetary stimulus from governments and global market corrections, the rate of return of the LAPP fund increased to +5.22% in Q2 from -6.54% in Q1. Compared to the policy returns, respectively, the return rate grew to +8.12% in Q2 from -5.27% in Q1. As equity markets rallied and the need for LAPP’s Downside Protection Strategy (DPS) subsided, the LAPP custom-made measure started experiencing lower valuations. However, the DPS continued making a positive contribution to the Plan’s return on a year-to-date basis of 1.22%.

LAPP’s SIPP specifies that AIMCo is expected to deliver a return of 0.85% above the return generated by the Plan’s policy benchmark asset mix over a four-year, annualized time horizon.

As of June 30, 2020, AIMCo generated a four-year, annualized return of 6.48%; this figure includes the positive impact of LAPP’s DPS. This return compares with a policy benchmark return of 6.95% over the same four-year, annualized time horizon. As measured by quarter ends, AIMCo has been short of LAPP’s SIPP-specified value-added expectations for 48 consecutive quarters, or 12 years.

Detailed 2020 quarterly investment results of the Plan are published below.

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