Governance Publications

LAPP Corporation

LAPP Corporation and its Corporate Board is guided by bylaws and policies that outline rules of ethical conduct and conflicts of interest. You can view them here.  Public sector bodies are required to post online the names and compensation paid to all board members and employees who earn over a certain threshold. You can find this information on the page Compensation Disclosure.

Sponsor Board

The Sponsor Board is guided by rules that outline ethical conduct and conflicts of interest. There are rules regarding procedures and the Plan the Sponsor Board legislatively must make, and others it is permitted to make. You can view them here.

Expense Disclosure

LAPP Corporation is required to report the following expenses:

  • Amounts spent by the Corporation to reimburse Directors and Officers of the Corporation for approved expenses.
  • Amounts spent at the request of the LAPP Sponsor Board, including reimbursement of approved expenses by the members of the Sponsor Board. Amounts spent at the request of the Sponsor Board would include any additional professional fees incurred at the direction of the Sponsor Board, such as actuarial or legal fees.