Governance Publications

Learn about the rules we follow, what our strategic plans are and how we interact with stakeholders. You can also find records of Board of Directors and Board of Trustee meetings here.

Mandates and Policies

Explore below to access ALAPP Corp. and the LAPP Boards' various mandates and policies.

Board of Directors Minutes

The LAPP Board of Directors oversees the duties of ALAPP Corp., which provides high-level strategic guidance to the pension plan, sets service standards, asses cost-effectiveness, develops communications for the Plan, and more.  

Strategic Planning

These documents provide a look at LAPP's long-term strategies, which guide its actions and decision making.

Board of Trustees Minutes

The LAPP Board of Trustees meets many times per year and they set contribution rates, hear appeals, set the investment policy, and more.

Board and ALAPP Corp. Expenses

Quarterly reports that detail the expenses of the LAPP Boards and ALAPP Corp. can be found here.