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With over $60 billion in assets, LAPP benefits from economies of scale that provide access to infrastructure investments not available to smaller funds, allowing for a much more diversified portfolio to mitigate risk for our members and employers. With 301,223 members, 444 employers, and one of the strongest cost-to-benefit ratios in the country, LAPP’s professionally managed Plan provides extensive services and great member benefits, as well as affordable contribution rates (reduced for the fourth time in six years) and ease of administration for you.

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Our Advocacy page reveals studies confirming how LAPP's Defined Benefit (DB) plan directly benefits employers:

You'll also find reports on the many ways in which LAPP membership benefits employees:

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Read all about the governance, oversight, and operational functions that ensure your LAPP pension is on track.


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Gain valuable information on how your pension will help support you in retirement.


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Learn how the LAPP pension fund is professionally managed to provide you with a secure retirement income.