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Your Pension Profile

What will my pension income be? What was the amount on my annual statement two years ago? And did I add the newest addition to the family as a beneficiary?

Your Pension Profile (your secure online account) allows you to see and manage all your personal pension information and plan for retirement. The Pension Estimator can even narrow down your monthly earnings based on your current salary and any date in the future you are thinking of collecting your pension. Check out Your Pension Profile today. Need help logging in? The Log-In Help page can walk you through the process. 

Other great features of Your Pension Profile:

Secure Messages: You can use this message box to confidentially ask any questions you may have about your personal account.

Document Centre: Safely and securely share and receive your electronic documents and forms with LAPP. Simply log in to Your Pension Profile and you will see a link to Document Centre in the drop-down menu as well as on the main page of Your Pension Profile.

Tax slips and forms: If you're receiving a pension or paid LAPP directly for a buyback you can find the tax slips you need including provincial TD1s or T4As.

Member Statements: You can find copies of your annual statements posted here.

Pension Projection Calculator: This calculator uses your own recently reported salary and LAPP service to help you project your future pension and plan for your retirement.

Buyback Purchase: See and manage active buyback proposals by using the Buyback Purchase tool. The Service History section, which is updated every pay period, will show you how much you have left to pay if you're buying back prior service, a period of leave, or a probationary period.

Personal Information: You can review and update your information, such as your address, contact information, login information, and how you prefer to receive communications. Updating this information is very important and it's easy to do.

Beneficiary Information: You can review and update information about your beneficiaries.

Service and Salary History: You can see the reported amount of your pensionable service as well as your pensionable salary, which is updated by your employer every year.

Member ID number: Your personal member identification number, sometimes needed when completing pension forms or contacting us, is conveniently displayed in the top left corner of the website and on your personal dashboard.

Pension Payments and Banking Information: Retired members can update direct deposit details, view the dates of upcoming pension payments, and see pension payment history including deductions.

Pension Option: You can review details of the pension option you chose at retirement, remembering that the option cannot be changed once a benefit payment has been made.

Cost-of-Living Adjustment: You can see details of the annual adjustments to your pension payments.

Go Green: You can eliminate paper waste by selecting to Go Green at any time to receive pension documents via Your Pension Profile. You will receive an email when some personal pension documents and Plan information are ready to be viewed online, including annual statements, tax slips, and LAPP newsletters.

Notifications: The bell icon at the top right of the website will signal your personal notifications, including reminders of details that are missing from your account or submitted forms, as well as any other important information from LAPP.

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Gain valuable information on how your pension will help support you in retirement.


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Discover information and tools to help you understand and manage your LAPP pension through every step of your career.


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Your Pension Profile allows you to view your information, send documents, and request assistance and more via Secure Messages!