Your Pension is Secure

There are several factors that go into ensuring that Your Pension is Secure. It certainly does not happen by magic, yet at the same time, there is no exact science to it either.

It comes down to a number of professionals acting with your best interests in mind. These experts focus on growing the LAPP pension fund, carefully managing risk and adequately funding the Plan.

It is no small task, but you can rest assured that Your Plan is in Good Hands and that your pension will be there when you need it.

Your Pension is Secure because it is backed by assets worth over $53-billion and supported by a funding strategy aimed at covering the cost of current and future pension obligations while providing a funding cushion for unexpected, negative events. 

Your Pension is Secure because investments, funding and risk are all managed by experts based on a Strategic Plan that is continuously reviewed and updated to the benefit of all LAPP members. 

Careful risk management is at the core of every decision we make and we take an integrated approach to funding and investments.

You can learn more about how all of this comes together in the three subject areas outlined below.



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Risk Management

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