Welcome to LAPP!

Your LAPP pension is one of the best ways to contribute towards your retirement, especially once you cross the finish line and can count on regular, monthly pension payments. You and your employer both pay into the Plan, and your contributions are even tax deductible.

The amount of pension you will receive is based on your salary and how long you have paid into the Plan. You might even be able to get a head start by bringing in service you earned in other plans.

Your LAPP pension is more secure than many other retirement options. While some of those depend heavily on ups and downs in the economy, your LAPP pension is predictable. You can get an idea of how much your pension will be with our Pension Estimator, and you can manage a lot of your personal information logging in to Your Pension Profile.

Maybe you have been in a pension plan before, or perhaps this is your first time on the track.

Either way, this section will help bring you up to speed while you are Getting Started With LAPP.