Transfers Out of LAPP

LAPP has transfer agreements with a number of other public sector pension plans in Canada. This means we may be able to send the money you have in LAPP directly to your new employer's pension plan so you can buy more pensionable service there.

Every pension plan has its own pension benefit formula. Your new plan will calculate the cost of buying your LAPP service based on this.

If this is something you may wish to do, contact us or your new employer's Human Resources Payroll & Benefits area immediately to ask about the transfer process.

You are not able to transfer your service out of LAPP if you are able to receive an unreduced pension.
In other words, if you are:

  • Age 65 or older, OR
  • If you have enough points to meet your 85 factor.

Timelines vary between agreements. You should check on your eligibility to transfer as soon as possible so you don't miss a deadline.


Eligible Pension Plans

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In Alberta

Public Service Pension Plan (PSPP) and Management Employees Pension Plan (MEPP)

  • After you join PSPP or MEPP, we will send you mail to let you know if you can transfer any service from LAPP into PSPP or MEPP.
  • If you have and questions or did not receive your transfer information after joining PSPP or MEPP, contact us.

Special Forces Pension Plan (SFPP)

Alberta Teachers’ Pension Plan and Private School Teachers’ Pension Plan


Under the National Transfer Agreement (Pension Plans of Other Provinces Listed Below)

The National Transfer Agreement covers the following pension plans:


Under the Federal Transfer Agreement

The Federal Transfer Agreement covers:

There is presently no transfer agreement in place. If you would like more information about the status of transfers from LAPP to the Federal Public Service Superannuation Act, please contact us