A Balanced Approach to Sustainability

LAPP’s sustainability approach looks a lot like a 3-legged stool, which engineers say is the most stable design for balancing upon uneven ground. LAPP’s uneven ground is the changing environment. We are faced with many strategic risks. To manage those risks appropriately and build a strong stable Plan, we need appropriate strategies for all three “legs” of the sustainability stool.

Those legs are:

  • Investments
  • Funding
  • Plan design

The three legs of the stool are further strengthened by the braces of leadership, governance structure and strategic planning.

The strategies developed for the three legs of the stool are as follows:

A long-term strategy to opportunistically de-risk our assets.

A long-term strategy to reduce our discount rate to narrow the gap between it and bond yields.

Plan Design
A strategy to:

  • Achieve equity in risk sharing
  • Address longevity risk
  • Create incentives to join and stay in LAPP