Expecting the Unexpected

Many webpages can be spent analyzing the risks listed above, either together or individually, but it is evident that a thoughtful plan to manage them is critical for the effective management of a pension plan. It takes considerable planning, forecasting and measurement to respond quickly and appropriately to risk, and in those areas where a quick response is not an option (illiquid assets for example) a strategy must be in place to ensure risks are balanced out elsewhere.

Every year, LAPP Corporation will complete an Environmental Risk Assessment to scope out all possible risks, whether expected or not, and share that with its Corporate Board. That means looking at economic and market trends, changes in the pension industry, growth or lack of growth in the public sector, workplace trends, changing demographics, and political risks like changes in government at home and away. This scan will then form the basis of a discussion on risk appetite so the Boards can make decisions on how best to fund the Plan and keep it sustainable over time.

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