Sponsor Board

LAPP is a jointly-sponsored pension plan. This means Plan sponsors, the employees (LAPP members) and employers (LAPP employers) who pay into the Plan, have equal say in how the Plan is managed.

The sponsor groups appoint representatives to the Sponsor Board, which is legislated to make important decisions about your Plan like pension benefits, eligibility rules and contributions.

The Sponsor Board and LAPP Corporation work together to accomplish important shared objectives: ensuring that pension benefits are paid to Plan members and overseeing the financial health and longevity of the Plan.

The Sponsor Board plays a key role in determining the risk appetite for the Plan, setting the Funding Policy and establishing contribution rates. Together these actions form the framework for how LAPP is funded.

The Sponsor Board will also meet with important employer and employee stakeholders of the Plan, who come together twice a year as the LAPP Stakeholder Consultation Group.

Documents such as Sponsor Board expenses can be found in Governance Publications once they are posted.

Gil McGowan


Gil is appointed by the Alberta Federation of Labour (AFL).

Susan McGillivray

Vice Chair

Susan is appointed by Alberta Health Services (AHS).

David Andrews

Board Member

David is appointed by LAPP Corporation.

Moira Game

Board Member

Moira is appointed by the City of Calgary.

Rory Gill

Board Member

Rory is appointed by the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

Kent Hummelle

Board Member

Kent is appointed by the Council of Post-Secondary Presidents of Alberta (COPPOA).

Aaron Neumeyer

Board Member

Aaron is appointed by Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Mike Parker

Board Member

Mike is appointed by Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA).

Colleen Purdy

Board Member

Colleen is appointed by Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Jason Schneider

Jason is appointed by Rural Municipalities of Alberta (RMA).

Susan Slade

Board Member

Susan is appointed by the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees (AUPE).

Heather Smith

Board Member

Heather is appointed by the United Nurses of Alberta (UNA).