After you retire you might be thinking of moving to a new city, province, or even country. There are a few things you need to consider as far as your LAPP pension goes.

Your Contact Information

Change your mailing address, phone number, email or personal information at any time by logging in to Your Pension Profile on this website.

You can also get in touch with us by using Secure Messages or by using one of the other ways to contact us. Then we can make sure that important information about your pension is still getting to you!

How You Receive Your LAPP Pension (Cheque vs. Direct Deposit)

If you live within Canada or have a Canadian bank account, you can receive your LAPP pension via direct deposit.

If you live outside of Canada and do not have a Canadian bank account, you must receive your LAPP pension via cheque mailed to your home address. This cheque will be in Canadian funds.

You can review your deductions, how you receive your pension payments and update your banking information online in Your Pension Profile at any time.

Income Tax Considerations

You can put your calculator away since taxes are already deducted from the monthly pension payment you receive. The income tax we deduct varies based on government requirements and what information you have provided, especially the Canadian province, territory, or country in which you reside.

If you move out of province or country, please update your information online in Your Pension Profile or contact us as soon as you can so your provincial or out-of-country tax rate can be adjusted if needed.

If you live or intend to live outside of Canada:

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It is important to know that many countries have tax agreements with the Government of Canada, which means your income may be taxed at a lower rate. You can find a listing of these agreements and tax rates on the Government of Canada's Benefits for Canadians Living Abroad page. If the country you are moving to or live in does not have a tax treaty with Canada, your LAPP pension will be taxed at a standard 25% rate.

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