Age 55 or Older

As a LAPP member, you are entitled to a lifetime LAPP pension at retirement; and if you are age 55 or older when you leave the plan, you are eligible to start your LAPP pension right away. You can also choose to start your pension at a later date.

You Can Start Your Pension at a Later Date

You can wait and start your pension after you turn 55, but you have to start it before the end of the year in which you turn 71.

Also, if you take another eligible position with a LAPP employer, leaving your money in the Plan means that you will add new pensionable service to what you have earned and increase the lifetime pension you will receive. Please note that you will normally not be eligible to start to receive a LAPP benefit while you are active with any LAPP employer. When you leave your money in LAPP until retirement, you become what is called a deferred member.

You Can Transfer Your Pension Benefit to Another Pension Plan

LAPP has transfer agreements with several provincial and federal public sector pension plans in Canada. If you start working for a new employer who participates in one of those pension plans, you may be able to transfer your LAPP service into a new plan.