Compensation Disclosure

Public Sector Body Compensation Disclosure

Public sector bodies are required to post online the names and compensation paid to:

  • all board members; and
  • employees who earn over $141,183.

The Compensation column includes amounts paid in a year to a member or employee and amounts required for tax purposes to be included in an employee's or member's income. The Other column includes the amount or value of all non-monetary benefits (includes employer-paid CPP, EI, and pension contributions).

This is a requirement under the Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act, which applies to:

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Some of the compensation attributed to some Board members below is not actually paid to those individuals. Any Board members showing $0.00 remuneration directed their remuneration to be paid to a third party under authority of assignment by the member.

Inquiries can be directed, via email, to LAPP Corporation.