Decision Review Process

Have you recently been denied a request that affects your pension?

If you disagree with any administrative decision by Alberta Pensions Services Corporation (APS), the benefit administrator for LAPP, that affects your pension plan status or benefit payments, you may have that decision reviewed.

This page presents detailed guidelines to use if you are not satisfied with a decision made by APS.

1.  Seek an Explanation 

If you have a concern with a decision made by APS, contact us or send a message through the Secure Messages in Your Pension Profile to find out more about the decision. APS staff will be able to answer your questions or explain the Plan’s legislation. 

2. Request an Administrative Review

Do you believe APS might have overlooked some important information? A second look at your request might clarify either your request or APS’ decision. Contact APS through the Secure Messages in Your Pension Profile or write a letter to LAPP (c/o APS: 5103 Windermere Boulevard SW, Edmonton, AB T6W 0S9) and ask for an administrative review of the decision.

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Be sure to detail your concern with the decision and why you believe it should be reviewed. Please include a personal identifier such as your date of birth or member identification number in your request.

The administrative review is a more detailed look by APS at the nature of its decision affecting your Plan status. APS management will closely examine your submission, the information in your file and the decision. They will ensure the Plan’s legislation and/or APS’ administrative policy has been correctly applied. APS will then respond to you in writing with its findings.   

Your request for an administrative review should be made in writing, within 60 days from the date you received the written decision with which you disagree.