ALAPP Corp. supports the LAPP Board of Trustees by researching, analyzing, advising and making recommendations about the Plan and the Board’s legal responsibilities. In addition, ALAPP Corp. monitors, reviews and tracks the progress of APS and AIMCo related to their performance on behalf of LAPP. ALAPP Corp. sets the strategic direction for the Plan on funding, investments and Plan design. It provides oversight for LAPP communications and leads stakeholder relations with LAPP’s many employers unions and associations, as well as various governmental and nongovernmental partners.

Because there are a number of different organizations involved in the governance and operations of the Plan, ongoing communication, cooperation and collaboration is required of all parties. For that reason, LAPP has operating guidelines with APS and with AIMCo that detail how the organizations will work together.


Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo) is one of Canada's largest institutional investment fund managers. AIMCo manages billions of dollars for Alberta pensions, endowments and government funds, including the LAPP Fund, which is one of AIMC0’s largest customers.

AIMCo was established as a Crown corporation on January 1, 2008. Its sole shareholder is the Government of Alberta.

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Alberta Pensions Services (APS) was created as a corporation in 1995 with the Government of Alberta as the sole Shareholder.

Services APS provides on behalf of LAPP include:

  • Managing contributions
  • Providing information to members, retirees and employers
  • Calculating pensions and providing estimates
  • Paying out pension benefits
  • Develop administrative policies
  • Communications in co-operation with ALAPP Corp.

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