LAPP Retirement Checklist

For complete details on the process of retiring, visit our Steps To Retirement page.

I would like to access the printable Retirement Checklist. 


  1. Confirm your personal details by logging in to Your Pension Profile in the top right corner on this website or by contacting us
  2. Pick a retirement date
  3. If you are still contributing to LAPP, notify your employer
  4. Fill out the Retirement Application in paper format or use the online retirement application tool
  5. After you receive your Retirement Benefit Statement, read it and choose your pension option
  6. Remember to check your Canada Pension Plan and Old Age Security entitlements, too


  • Three months before you want your LAPP pension to begin, fill out the retirement application
  • LAPP sends you a Retirement Benefit Statement
  • Return completed forms (sooner is better)
  • Expect first pension payment approximately 30 days after your pension start date
  • Pension payment is second last business day of the month (except December, when payment is made before December 25)