The LAPP Board of Trustees has been given responsibility to make important decisions regarding the Plan. This includes setting contribution rates, evaluating pension costs and developing strategies and policies related to funding, investments and plan design.

The 14-member Board is supported in its governance responsibilities by an executive team at Alberta Local Authorities Pension Plan Corp. (ALAPP Corp.) that is mandated by the Minister to provide high-level strategic guidance of the Plan. ALAPP Corp. is a Crown Corporation overseen by the LAPP Board of Directors. Both LAPP Boards, trustees and directors, are made up of the same people.

ALAPP Corp. is a small executive team that assists both Boards with governance and operational functions.

LAPP trustees and executives at ALAPP Corp. work with a dedicated group of sponsor representatives called the Stakeholder Consultation Group. Though not a formal part of its governance structure, this group of representatives can provide the Board with feedback and input to help decision making.

A number of governance documents are in place to establish which responsibilities belong to the two LAPP Boards and ALAPP Corp. If you are interested in the details, we have made those documents available to you here:

Public Sector Pensions Plan Act
Local Authorities Pension Plan Regulation
Mandate and Roles